Bravium Ltd. is a modern organized company which deals with eyeglasses manufacturing and all aspects of vision correction, from Refractive error determination to manufacturing all kinds of glasses and contact lenses. In modern organized sales areas, our company provides full service of vision correction according to most up-to-date world standards. Business policy of the company is reflected in monitoring of latest standards in otician world, both in production elements selection as well as glasses production techniques. Full service concept for us is maximum reduction in time from diopter determination to delivery of glasses while preserving quality of service at highest level. It makes Bravium Optic recognizable on the market. Professionals employed in our sales facilities are working to give special attention to each user individually, trying to understand his specific requirements and needs. Each customer receives a lot of advice from professional sales staff about what thay receives by selecting a particular type of lenses or frame and what are advantages of modern technological solutions in this field. Special attention is paid to keeping records in the system of registered users and monitoring changes in refractive error and other changes in vision of our users. Users in our optitian shops receive a user card and electronic file in modern database, with all parameters of vision and buyed glasses. Our company has recognized great importance in good communication with users and finding ways to respond to the true needs and demands of users. On the other hand, our customers have a great comfort in payment ways with all existing lending types. Users in our optitian shops can postpone payment to 6 to 12 installments by check or credit cards. Our sales system can be proud with very competitive prices which are adapted to the capabilities of our customers. We work daily to improve our services, dedicated to users needs monitoring.

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